Introduction of company

Seerman Carpet Company was founded in 1997 in cooperation with a group of professional experts and on the basis of scientific research. Its main operations include the production of decorative carpets, the improvement of production technology, and the creation of new equipment and manufacturing methods forthe carpet industry. In doing so, it has employed an active and experienced team of post-graduates in carpet studies, management, and engineering, which has increased the potential of the company and has pushed it forward to success.

Seerman has unified the production stages of handmade rugs within a collaborative environment. The Design and Idea Making unit processes the patterns into applicable patterns for weaving. The Mechanical Weighing and Distribution unit is responsible for the precise control of raw materials. The Dying unit is equipped with an advanced and standard steaming system. The company also consists of the Preparation and Packaging unit as well as an organized and unified Storage unit. It has a unified Weaving Workshop and Rug Embossing and Lint Removal unit which improves the appearance of the products. The Darn and Repair unit is in charge of maintainingthe products and the Washing unit cleans the rugs. Besides all these units, there is a special industrial workshop which produces the tools and equipment needed by the other units.